Case study

Download our case study to find out more about Simplifai and how it is already helping.

How it’s used

Our novel approach to traffic management works alongside existing systems, sensors and smart city technologies to improve their effectiveness.  You install the software in your control centre, connect it to data sources and traffic control devices, give it an objective and let it solve your traffic problems.

Alongside improving authorities traffic management and air quality, it supplements the services offered by existing traffic management providers – including traffic modelling, supervision and control.  An ideal companion for smart cities, Simplifai could also be used in an algorithm-as-a-service environment.

The benefits

The primary benefits of Simplifai include:

  • Up to a 20% improvement over existing traffic management techniques
  • Leverages existing capital investment in sensors, controllers and other transport infrastructure – so no need to purchase new equipment
  • Augments existing traffic management software, including any investments already made in smart cities technology – so no need to decommission your existing solutions
  • Operates at city-scale – which cannot be effectively achieved by existing traffic management products
  • Goal-oriented – you can rapidly and continuously change your traffic management objectives through simple software configuration